What do I offer?

My intention is for you to feel a positive difference even after one treatment.

Walking out feeling better than when you arrived.

I guide and support my clients to re-balance and function optimally, bringing about self awareness and personal growth.

Instead of focussing on the ill-ness I focus on suggesting positive changes and elements that will help improve my clients from ill-ness to well-ness.

Simply by doing the following groudwork, you will feel better:-

  • Alter your diet, exercise and sleep patterns
  • Cleanse your six eliminative channels (Liver, Lungs, Kidneys, Colon, Lymph, Skin)
  • Purify your bloodstream
  • Boost your immune system


Bioenergetic sub atomic treatments to Reassess Rejuvante and Reimprint.  These are delivered through Bioenergetic Health Scans

AntiAgeing and Rejuvenating Facials and Bodywork Massage treatments using PEMF.  The therapies help to relax rebalance and rejuvenate.

Bioenergetic Exercise classes Stretch Flow Breathe and Release using elements of yoga dance meditation and stress release exercises, to improve how you feel.

Zumba is here to burn those calories tone and condition using infectious beats to energise and feel great.

Incorporating all of the above plus diet and nutrition you can book 1 day Workshops in schools, colleges and the workplace

Book 2,3, and 5 day private or group 360wellbeing retreats.  The focus is to reduce ill-ness and increase well-ness, raising awareness of 360 health and wellbeing to adults and children…. We are the present the children are our future. Delivered in a fun interactive environment, where you are our focus.

Held at locations of your choice, or at our Venues.

Offering a personal service of Luxury but affordable Treatments and Therapies based on a platform of Bioenergetics – which is Science Led, to help your System from inside to out, returning it back to optimal functioning of health, a homeostatic state of Balance, where the body can self heal.

Positive results can be experienced immediately, most of my Clients feel the difference even after one treatment.

We use natural products and supplementation that offers the System the information, energy and nutrients that it needs to return to balance.

The Icelandic skincare used and Nutrition range are carefully selected to ensure optimal healing at cellular level.

Pure    Natural    Grounding

Treatments that Reassess Rejuvenate and Reimprint

Enabling you to Relax – Rejuvenate – Rebalance

Live well – Feel well – Be well…Energy for Life

Disconnect to Reconnect




Welcome to Tamara’s 360 Wellbeing.

Our focus is OPTIMISING your health and wellbeing.

I started my journey to wellness in 2004, when I moved away from conventional medicine after 5 years of operations metal work and prescriptions.  This was triggered by a car accident in 1999.

My system was exhausted, I wish somebody had been able to offer to me Bioenergetics back then!

Do you want to feel some immediate results even after just 1 treatment?

Then Bioenergetics is for you.

Affordable Luxury and Supporting your system from inside to out, helping you to return to optimal functioning of health.

We offer Bioenergetic Wellness Scans

Bodywork and Massage Treatments

A range of Icelandic Facials

These not only feel great, but help to relax rebalance and rejuvenate the whole system on a new sub atomic level.

What makes us different is the use of PEMF… re-assessing the energy and re-imprinting the information that your body needs.

Life is about energy without energy there is no life!

We also offer exercise classes, wellness workshops and retreats.  Supporting Physical Mental and Emotional wellbeing, and raising awareness to the importance of Health.

Using only natural products and supplementation carefully selected that offer the highest quality and healing at cellular level.


Visit www.tamaras360wellbeing.com

Every second of every day can be your choicepoint.  Call Today and make a difference to your Health.


Wording examples to be used:-

Live well – Feel well – Be well…Energy for Life

Reassess Rejuvante and Reimprint

The therapies help to relax rebalance and rejuvenate

Stretch Flow Breathe and Release using elements of yoga dance meditation and stress release exercises,