What do I offer?

I have created a unique system that I believe supports and guides you, at whatever stage of life you are at, and whatever type or level of service you believe if right for you at this time.

I guide and support my clients to re-balance and function optimally creating a state of Homeostasis, bringing about self awareness and personal growth.

Instead of focussing on the ill-ness I focus on suggesting positive changes and elements that will help improve my clients from ill-ness to well-ness.

Simply by doing the following groudwork, you will feel better:-


  • Alter your diet, exercise and sleep patterns
  • Cleanse your six eliminative channels (Liver, Lungs, Kidneys, Colon, Lymph, Skin)
  • Purify your bloodstream
  • Boost your immune system


Based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, I offer:-

  • Massage and Body Work
  • Talk Therapy
  • 360 Wellbeing Programmes
  • Nutrition and Diet
  • Bio-Energy Field Body Scans
  • 1-1 Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Sessions
  • Wellbeing Group Sessions
  • Yoga and Wellbeing Retreats
  • Zumba Classes