I went to see Tamara because I was curious about the whole 360 wellbeing thing. I did not really know what it was and I was not sure if it could actually benefit me; so I made an appointment for a well-being treatment, as it sounded good. In all honesty — it was incredible! I could feel my blockages open up and Tamara went above and beyond to help me re-balance. She can tap right into the areas you need healing; her awareness and knowledge about what she is doing is remarkable. I would absolutely recommend her and made already a second appointment. Leoni – June 2018

Tamara’s knowledge of the body coupled with her intuition allows her to hone in on the tight musles and massage them with great accuracy and strength while at the same time ensuring that she is massaging at the depth that suits you. I will certainly be back! Thea – May 2018

Can’t believe how much better my back feels after one treatment – looking forward to my next appointment! Elspeth – May 2018

An extremely knowledgeable and kind soul. I recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their way of life. In the U.K. or abroad. KW – May 2018

Tamara was very welcoming and professional. Her massage was the very good. She is very caring and thorough, helping to relax tense muscles. I will be treating myself to her treatments on a regular basis. Tracy Clargo – May 2018

Originally found Tamara through a massage offer, but then looked into the NES health scanning and decided to go for it. It couldn’t have come at a better time, a time when I knew my life was on an unsteady path and I needed the opportunity to take stock and rebalance. I’m about to have my second scan today, but I have already gained so much from the guidance a support of Tamara so far and I’m feeling so much more like ‘myself’ again. Tamara does this as she genuinely wants to help people and I’m looking forward to continuing to see positive changes and improvements to my life. Thank you…. Charlotte Drake – April 2018

I went for my first bioenergetic massage this week. It has left me feeling much more relaxed and have slept much better. Tamara also runs fantastic classes, I would fully recommend zumba and 80s dance. Katherine – March 2018

Hi I have visited Tamara twice now and have had two massage treatments which have made me feel more flexible and relaxed and stress free.
I have also had a body scan and am beginning to follow a healing program. I trust Tamara as she is very professional and has a positive calming and loving approach.  Good changes are happening in my mind and body.
I am happy to have seen Tamara’s offer on Facebook a month ago.  Thank you Tamara.  Can’t wait for my next treatments. Georgia – March 2018

Tried Tamara for the first time last week and was very impressed. She zoned in on the problem areas and eased the tension away. She is knowledgeable and clearly wants you to feel better after a session. I’ve rebooked already! Annie Ward – March 2018

I recently came across Tamara on facebook and have since met her. Tamara is a breath of fresh air. Through discovering Tamara with her knowledgeable approach to holistic wellbeing, I feel I am now at a turning point in my life to release a life time of past trauma with the tools for self help and support when needed and a new direction. I have had 2 massages now and the difference is incredible compared to any other treatment I have received. I have also attended her bioenergetic yoga class and that was an amazing experience. It is the only class of its kind that I have come across. The muscle release that I have experienced in one session is phenomenal. Tamara is fun, energetic, encouraging and mindful and would highly recommend attending her classes or treatments. Fun, energetic, laughter and positivity. Jayne – February 2018

I have recently visited Tamara for the first time to have a back massage. Tamara has a great technique and my back felt so much better during and after the massage. In the days that followed, my energy levels gradually returned to a level I have not had for quite some time! What an amazing treatment! Mary Snow – February 2018

I visited Tamara recently for back massage, the moment I stepped in she made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Previously I have had different massage from different people and nothing made any changes. I had aches in my body which I thought was down to sport I do. Tamara explained to me what she was doing and eased my back and shoulder aches immediately. She gave me great exercise advise to make my everyday easier. Tamara is a top professional with high knowledge and expertise, her treat room is welcoming and spotless. I am looking forward to go back and have another treatment. I can highly recommend her. Thank you so much for your kindness and help. Melinda – February 2018

What a wonderful experience. From the moment I walked in Tamara made me feel comfortable. I am already feeling more energised and the my shoulder is feeling less painful. Already booked my next appointment for next week. Would recommend a visit to this lovely lady. Vanessa – February 2018

Had a treatment from Tamara yesterday, still feeling good after it. Neck and shoulder feeling so much better! Thank you. Margaret – January 2018 

I stayed with Tamara for a two night 1-1 retreat. It was very relaxing and I learnt a lot of positive tips from Tamara’s way of living a healthier lifestyle. Suffering from Anxiety not working for five months I felt a lack of health, positive thinking and direction, this is the reason for me booking the retreat. To relax away from home take a look at myself, my life style, my health and try to make positive changes for ME. I felt like I wanted and needed the 1-1 attention. I learnt from Tamara some healthier food choices, how and what is going on in my digestion. I had an absolutely wonderful facial (possibly the best ever) back massage all included which made it for me. I would recommend to anyone who feels they need to take TIME OUT FOR THEM and look at how they are living in this busy stressful life we all seem to have nowadays. Small changes over time I am sure are going to make a difference from the experience for my future good health. I hope to return again one day soon.  Nadene – January 2018

Absolutely love my Wednesday Zumba Session. Tamara knows how to get you going with a great workout and some how manages to make you de-stress and forget about all the stresses from the day � I always know il sleep well on a Wednesday night too. Danielle – January 2018

Amazing class for all ages and abilities 
I have had a hip replacement and have put weight on 
Yes I sweat and leave red faced but at each class I burn off 700-800 calories so well worth it , Thank you. Dawn – December 2017

One treatment with Tamara has already made my pain ease and I feel much better in myself and can’t wait for another treatment lovely lady. Kay – November 2017

Incredibly professional, money well spent! Zack – October 2017

I found the miHealth scan very interesting, the treatment after was very relaxing. I would definitely recommend this to others. Laura – October 2017

I came away from my session with Tamara feeling relaxed and excited about small changes I could make to improve my lifestyle . She was welcoming and knowledgable whilst listening and responding to my issues. Sarah – October 2017 

Really good class, Tamara is a very friendly teacher who encourages you to do as much as you can and makes you find the strength within to carry on even when you feel your body can’t do anymore ha ha!! Highly recommended if you a want a fun way of exercising and keeping fit with a friendly group of people!! Charlotte – October 2017

“Great class and getting more and more popular by the week – look forward to going and feel even better after each class” Claire – September 2017

I love “my” wednesday Zumba class! As a someone who doesn’t find exercise easy or massively enjoyable, I keep finding myself smiling n laughing throughout the class, and then feeling and seeing the benefits throughout the week. Looking forward to next week’s class! Caroline – September 2017

“I would like to share my feedback about my massage session, which starts with a warm welcome from Tamara, who is really professional and friendly. I have to say I haven’t ever felt as full of energy after any massage as I did with Tamara.  She knows where the problem or the pain is coming from and she definitely knows how to treat in one session. The device that she uses really makes a difference to treatment, i definitely felt the difference. I was very satisfied with result and i do recommend to make an appointment to anyone who wants to have a proper treatment”.  Waleed – September 2017

“Fab class! So much fun and an excellent work out! Tamara has a great energy and I always leave feeling upbeat and positive! Xx” Amanda – September 2017

I thoroughly recommend Tamara’s NES scans – they are amazingly accurate and she takes you through the explanation for each highlighted area with skillful knowledge of this fascinating breakthrough in the health & well-being industry. Even if you don’t have a specific complaint, it’s interesting to know the state of your inner health with such a genius device.  I had an amazing massage this evening with Tamara. It really helped after a very long and tiring week. She worked and kneaded my aching muscles with ease, skillful technique and confidence. She exudes expertise and I left feeling exactly as she wishes – far better than when I walked through the door. Her manner and temperament are wonderfully calming and comforting and her knowledge in her field of well-being is all encompassing. I highly recommend her treatments. An absolute gem! Harriet – September 2017 

I was recommended by my wife to go see Tamara for a body field scan as I was unwell.At first I was unsure whether it would work or not, anyway I had it done and was surprised how good it was. The day after I started feeling much better After a couple of days I felt loads better I would highly recommend anyone to go try and have no doubt it would work on you.
Very welcoming and professional thank you Tamara. Davis – September 2017

I have visited Tamara on occasion since 2011. A few weeks ago I booked a treatment as I had taken a fall a week ago and hurt my left shoulder and arm. When I arrived I was unable to manoeuvre my left arm above my hip. Tamara immediately helped me to feel at ease, and through her knowledge and expertise, Tamara was able to explain to me what she was doing, whilst maintaining a calm approach that helped me a lot as I was in pain when the arm was moved to certain points. She carried out a series of stretches, releases and massage, that gently eased the pain and increased my movement. By the end of the treatment I was able to move my arms directly above my head pointing straight up to sky. She used a fabulous device on me called a miHealth and that not only eased some of the tenderness but also she did a well-being setting that help my overall energy and spirits lift.
Thanks so much for all that you did. Sue – August 2017

Yesterday I went to see Tamara for a deep tissue massage as I have had bad back pain and neck pain for a number of years. Previously I have had physio and massages from two different beauty salons but nothing has made a substantial difference to the pain. During the treatment with Tamara I could feel the release of pain with in the first 5 minutes the difference I felt afterwards was amazing and had lasted. She is a true professional and her treatment room is spotless and so welcoming I will be going back to see tam regularly to help manage my pain as I am so impressed with her and her skill set ! I can not recommend her enough !  I cannot believe the kindness she showed and the difference it has made. I am over the moon and will be saving up for the next one. Sammie – August 2017

Awesome  class! I loved it! Good to see you all again Amanda – August 2017

I had my first treatment with Tamara today – really great! Feel so much better already, she was able to recognise my issue right away and spent my treatment time working out the tension in my back which has been causing me problems for longer than I realised. Would absolutely recommend! Amy – August 2017

Great workout. I could do with a little more rhythm. See you next week. Tracy – August 2017

Thanks for tonight, I was feeling good but better for doing the work out. Christine – August 2017

I have started working with Tamara a month ago and I have already seen results! She has listened to my issues and limitation and has helped me introduce changes into my lifestyle step by step. I can already feel that the small changes added along the weeks are benefiting me. Having a structured programme and regular sessions really help. Laure – July 2017

I went to see Tamara about what I believed were three separate things – arthritis, some food intolerances, and my sleeping pattern. She quickly found these were not three separate things, but all related to diet – eating what I shouldn’t and not eating what I should. The initial 90 minute consultation was wonderful, in the sense of how accurate her questions were, but also the fact I was quite shocked at the connections that quickly became clear.  Luckily I took up the option of Tamara preparing a full Report of that consultation, rather than me trying to make sense of my notes when I got home. That Report arrived a couple of days later and itself is absolutely amazing – format, accuracy, insight, clarity, thoroughness. I have already started on the Programme and keep the Report on my desk at home as a daily reminder and reference point. And, guess what, I started to feel the benefits within 48 hours – more movement, more energy, clearer thinking. I’ll go back every so often for a review. Thank you Tamara! The rest of my life is going to be very different! Robin Worthington – March 2017

Thanks ever so much great service helped me out a lot I strongly advise anyone to book if you want a quality professional massage. Alby Lee – March 2017

Tamara is fantastically helpful, always putting me at the ease straight away. I went to her for some TLC for my back and neck last year and returned again recently. She really went the extra mile to help me out, adjusting each treatment to how my body felt that day. Beautiful surroundings that make you feel warm, calm and comfortable throughout. Highly recommend a visit. Estelle Garratt – June 2016

I have continued to go to the gym regularly since started your recommended diet plan 3 weeks ago and having my first deep tissue massage. However I have not been out on my road bike, until this morning that is – and what a difference!  Noticeably stronger, ore flexible, free of back, neck and knee pain, and full of energy throughout the whole 2 hours, without the need for an energy bar half-way through. I plan to see you regularly to make sure I stay on my wonderful new regime. Thank You. Simon – June 2016

Tamara creates a kind, calm and very friendly atmosphere and gives a relaxing but most of all great massage that really helps tired muscles and a sore back feel much better. I really recommend one of Tamara’s treatments! Gary – June 2016

I visit Tamara for deep tissue massage therapy on my back, neck and shoulders. She is attentive and listens to the body during sessions, making her exceptional at resolving any problem areas quickly. Tamara is a professional, caring, friendly therapist and along with her beautiful treatment room, it’s hard to not be relaxed after a visit. I would recommend her to anyone needing a de-stress or
help with aches and pains. Ellie – March 2016

I went to see Tamara for a facial and have just booked three more in the run-up to my wedding. The treatment was wonderful, so relaxing, and my skin felt and looked so much better afterwards. The environment was beautiful and so calm, and Tamara is so friendly and welcoming. Estelle – January 2016

Got in touch with Tamara through her website, and she got back to me really quickly with an appointment. Had a deep tissue massage, as I had been having trouble feeling very tight across my shoulders and upper back. Left feeling fantastic and my back felt completely different!! Just from a few stretches I felt an immediate difference, definitely recommend it to anyone struggling with back pain or just in need of a good massage!! Paul – August 2015

I have suffered with a bad back for years and after major surgery earlier in the year was struggling quite bad with muscle pain and nerve damage. Tamara provides an excellent service, left feeling utterly relaxed and pain etc is becoming a lot more manageable. The treatment room itself is extremely relaxing and recommend highly. Thanks Tamara Rosemary Hall – Feb 2015

Tamara came to New College to do a series of mini massages for our grad students, over the course of two days. It was fantastic! Everyone left relaxed and rejuvenated, with nothing but positive feedback. Very happy customers here – we’d like to highly recommend True Balance, especially for stressed out students 🙂 Oxford New College – Feb 2015

I had a serious problem in my right shoulder. couldn’t lift my arm above shoulder height without serious pain. Tamara managed to sort it in a single session, though was tight for a few hours the relief in being able to pick up a cup of tea again was marvellous. thanks very much for breaking your diary to see me. 5 stars. Peter – February 2015

Would definitely recommend to anybody , either as an aid in healing or just a stress relief , very friendly and welcoming service . Good value for money and the home treatments really help if you have a busy lifestyle and struggle for spare time .high quality of treatment and skill Stephen K – January 2015

Hi Tamara, My neck / shoulder feels great this morning. Will get in touch again if aches / pains come back. Thank you so much! Gwyn Jones – November 2014

I’ve had a few full body massages with Tamara now and she is a lovely kind woman and very easy to get along with, her treatments are great helps my body recover. The prices are very good too, I would recommend her to my close friends and family. Martin Realey – October 2014

Been to Tamara twice for nails and massage. Got my next appointment booked for other treatments. She has been great. She is so friendly and offers a great service to suit you. Prices are great too. Laura – August 2013

Can’t recommend Tamara enough. Have had a deep tissue and sports massage at True Balance and the results. She tailors her treatment to exactly what’s needed and i’m still benefiting from the results! Justin – August 2013

I have been back and yet again the service was fab! My nails look great. Thanks Tamara. Helen – July 2013

Tamara’s skills are second to none. I highly recommend her for massage. She is confident and professional and takes the initiative in dealing with what she identifies the problem to be while involving you in the choice of oils, pressure and desired results. An A1 service. Thank you. Pru – July 2013

Thanks for the deep tissue massage Tamara it has really helped, you were very thorough and asked questions and worked on problematic areas of my back, I will definitely be back, thanks again. Suzanne – June 2013

Tamara’s lovely, bubbly personality, caring approach and professionalism mean I always emerge from a massage energised and refreshed. Thanks so much! Amanda – June 13

Tamara is really welcoming. I had Shellac on both fingernails and toenails. The whole experience was very relaxing and I will be going back for more. I can definitely recommend True Balance. Nicci Gillam – June 2013

A wonderful welcoming service. Great products and great prices. Highly recommended. I had the Shellac nails but will be going back.for other treatments! Karen – June 2013

The True Balance team came to my home a few weeks ago as I was holding a Pamper party for a few friends! The therapists were fabulous, enthusiastic, very accommodating and so professional throughout the evening! We all had a great time and the treatments were first class! A* from me! Adina Teusan -May 2013

Tamara is wonderfully skilled at massage. My back and shoulders have never felt better. I unreservedly recommend her to anyone who seeks a thorough job doing or anyone who has never had a massage but has been thinking about it. And the prices are very low for what you get. I give her ten out of ten. Neal Wailing – May 2013

I have just had a shellac manicure yesterday and am loving the results and finish – really pleased thanks Tamara.x Mandy – May 2013

I had shellac gel manicure at one of the pamper parties run by tamara and i love how it looks, feels and keeps on the fingers. I would definitely have it again. Thank you Lisa Wichal – May 2013

I have recently hosted a pamper party for a group of friends and just wanted to say thank you to Tamara for a lovely and enjoyable evening. My guests seemed to really enjoy themselves and were also very happy with their treatments.Tamara was both enthusiastic and professional so thanks again for a lovely evening. I would recommend True Balance Beauty to everyone. Sharen – May 2012

Thanks for a fantastic neck back and shoulder massage Tamara. I feel so much better and am really looking forward to the next oneGwyn James – May 2012

Thank you so much for the deep tissue massage. Excellent treatment I will be back soon. Kate – May 2012

Just to say thank you for the wonderful personal experience I had shellac nails which are amazing followed by an indian head massage, Thanks Again! Kathryn Jug – May 2012

Tamara Thanks so much for the wonderful relaxing experience. I had my nails painted with shellac for the first time and they were truly amazing followed by an indian head massage. I will definitely be backJames – March 2012

I cannot begin to describe how utterly impressed I was with Tamara’s service. I called last minute after a disastrous decision to run a marathon with a tree on my back. Needless to say, my body required help. Tamara responded at short notice, provided a fantastic deep tissue massage, and is thoroughly responsible for my ability to cycle to work this morning. Thank you Tamara. I recommend your professional service 100%. See you after my next charity endeavour. Kate – October 2011


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