BioEnergetic Exercise


Yoga Stretch + Dance + Stress Release + Meditation

Get the energy flowing, body stretched, and mind focused

This class combines the elements to feel great and approach at a 360 angle. You take away tools to make small changes in your daily life, that can positively transform your life.

Free Flow Dance

Feel Good Feel Alive.  Release Endorphins – Release Emotions – A Letting Go.




Yoga Stretches

Hold a particular posture – Build Strength – Stabilise the Mind – Find your Balance.




Stress Release Exercises

Repeat a movement until the energy is released. Release deep muscular tension.




Anchor – Relax – Breathe – Focus.

Calm the Mind and Body. Anytime – Anywhere


Improve our health through a “no need to talk therapy”.

We don’t need to know what we are storing in our bodies, manifesting physical symptoms, all we need to do is relax and release feeling safe and secure.

Bioenergetics is a powerful method helping to Reduce Ill-ness and Increase Well-ness, clearing any blockages, restrictions or patterns held in the body’s system and correcting distorted information.

It helps to free the flow of Life Energy, to feel more balanced, experience more pleasure, more love, more joy and live passionately with less fear.

10 minutes dance flow to raise natural Endorphins

10 minutes of yoga based stretches to get the energy flowing

Specific set of exercises that allow the body to relax and release as much as you give permission

Surrendering the Mind, let the Body shake it out

YOUR space to release stress – pain – trauma – emotions stored – most of the time we don’t even know we are carrying this.  What we experience are physical, mental or emotional symptoms.  When there is an energy blockage or information has become distorted through trauma, shock, stress etc, then the risk of ill-ness becomes higher and well-ness starts to decline.

Join this class and be amazed at how you may feel after just one session.

The class finishes with a gentle meditation of breathing offering you Every Day Life Tools to use in times of Stress, Anxiety, Pain and Overwhelm…

This class is for all.


Release Endorphins – Feel Good,  Lower Stress,  Induce Relaxation,  Promote good breathing

Reduce Anxiety and Fears,  Release repressed feelings through active expression

Energise the system,  Improve joint health,  Increase circulation,  Improve muscle tone

Enhance  Mental & Emotional Wellbeing…and more…

Bringing the Body to Life. A Healthier, Happier You

Today’s life is full of speed, demands, expectations, environmental toxins and geopathic stresses.  Take some time out.  Learn some basic but important life wellness skills, to manage stress, improve your health, promote relaxation and long term wellbeing.

Wednesdays 7.30pm – 8.30pm @ Peachcroft Community Centre

Park in Peachcroft car park.  If you are standing in front of the Christian Centre, the Community Centre is to the right of the building.

Group Classes £7.00 (5 for £30.00)

Private 1-1 and Skype £50.00

CALL ME ON (07739) 309422


Get FIt… Stay Fit… Be Fit. Energy for Life