Anti-Ageing and Rejuvenating Facials

Relax – Rebalance – Rejuvenate … Energy For Life

Natural Organic Rejuvenating Face-Lift & Massage 

The facial treatment is a fusion of Eastern Facial Massage Techniques and Facial Reflexology.  Non-Invasive and looking younger within the hour! Working the whole system, using only Natural Icelandic Products.



  • Tighten Facial Contours
  • Promote Circulation
  • Works on many AcuPoints so treating the whole body and system
  • Improve skin suppleness
  • Tone skin and underlying muscle
  • Relieve Stress
  • Soothe tension headaches and eyestrain
  • Enhance felling of well-being
  • Help reduce wrinkles and habitual expression lines
  • Stimulate cellular activity and rejuvenation with PEMF
  • Increased healing properties using white and green jade
  • Completely Natural and Organic Products with no nasties,using an anti-blemish, non-drying, non-oily recipe that greatly improves the condition of skin and pores.

100% Natural. Cruelty Free. Preservative Free. Paraben Free. Zero Synthetics. NoToxins. Parabens, or Sulfates. No harmful chemicals or chemical preservatives.  No SLS, SLES, or Propylene Glycol. No PG derivatives, dyes or synthetic fragrance.

Hannes Dóttir Icelandic skincare gives you perfectly balanced, glowing, youthful skin.  Infusing the skin with micro-nutrients vital to cellular regeneration.

Made with 100% nutritional food and supplement grade ingredients. From severe problem skin to the perfect complexion, Hannes Dóttir works naturally with your body to create results every step of the way.


Your facial starts with a refreshing Hannes Dottir facial wash using Crystal Aura

– Icelandic Sea Kelp nourishes skin with vital minerals
 Silica promotes collagen synthesis and elasticity
 Choline works to reverse sun damage
 Boron minimizes pores
– Sea Salt detoxifies skin
– Magnesium promotes healthy cell structure and eases facial strain

Ingredients: Organic Icelandic Sea Kelp, Sea Salt, Magnesium Sulfate, Silica, Boron, Choline, Essential Oil Blend


A hot face towel is then applied further relax and open the pores – vasodilation


A mask is then applied of either

Bentonite Indian Healing Clay Powder, which has qualities that offer deep skin pore cleansing, detoxifying and revitalisation.  It works on all skin types and clay makes a great facial mask for shrinking pores, tightening & toning skin and removing impurities

Marine Collagen Lift a complexion tightening and pore refining masque made from the finest natural nutritional supplement-grade ingredients. Extremely powerful, the nourishing formula features mineral rich, geo-thermally dried wild organic Icelandic Sea Kelp, Arctic Marine Collagen Peptides, Powdered Honey, Albumen Protein, and organic family farmed Vanilla Bean. Immediately enjoy a tight, lifted and porcelain soft complexion after just one use… it just gets better!

Ingredients: Certified Organic Icelandic Sea Kelp, Arctic Marine Collagen, Powdered Honey, Albumen Protein, Cornstarch, Vanilla Bean

– Organic Icelandic Sea Kelp nourishes skin with vital minerals
– Arctic Marine Collagen Peptides plump skin and increase fibroblast cells
– Albumen Protein tightens and firms skin reducing wrinkles and pores
– Honey clarifies complexion infusing skin with antioxidants
– Vanilla Bean soothes skin and reduces redness

Whilst the mask is doing its Natural Wonderful Magic, during a Luxury Facial you’ll receive a head, neck and shoulder massage … not forgetting the Cucumber on eyes, which has a skin lightening effect and can also make your skin appear youthful and glowing. The ascorbic acid and caffeic acid in cucumbers brings down the water retention in the eyes, thus reducing the swelling and puffiness around the eyes.  They also contain antioxidants that can help reduce irritation, great for seasonal sufferers, and then removed.


Infoceuticals are applied to offer the skin the imprinted frequencies of information for youthfulness, cell driver and heart imprint driver all improving skin texture, cell regeneration, and skin quality look and feel.

PEMF is then delivered through Shungite Electrodes – an ancient healing and protecting stone that  contains almost the entire periodic table of the elements as well as fullerenes (getting in our body, fullerenes behave as the most powerful and most long-acting antioxidant, as a means of fighting with free radicals, so-called oxygen atoms, which lack a single electron, which they greedily taken away from any living cell, the genetic spiral. Antioxidant activity of fullerene in the 100 – 1000 exceeds the effect of known antioxidants (eg vitamin E, dibunol, β-carotene). Specific programme settings are used to treat not only the face but the whole system.

You’ll receive massage on the face, scalp, decolletage, shoulders and neck, including acupoints.


Gua Sha, developed in China is used to exfoliate and heal the skin.  Gua Sha is a therapeutic practice to stimulate pores and improve tone and texture. It can reduce wrinkles, puffiness and sagging.  It simply involves firm unidirectional pressure, using a Gua Sha facial tool, and Hannes Dottir Elixir.


Jade wands are used to cool and tone the skin, after sitting in ice.  The gentle pressure and motion also promotes circulation, which plumps and firms skin and is a major contributor to that clean-living, eight-hours-of-sleep glow we’re all striving for.  The cool touch helps with on-the-spot de-puffing, closing the pores vasconstriction, as well as its reputation for warding off stress, anxiety and other general Monday-ness.


The facial finishes with a choice of either:-

Elixir the Minerals which is a highly concentrated, completely unique facial moisturiser. The complexion becomes balanced, satiny and radiant. Skin is endlessly hydrated, even in the driest climates. A single pump of this active mineral treatment nourishes and hydrates the entire face, neck and eye area.

– Organic Icelandic Sea Kelp nourishes skin with vital minerals
– Vegetable Glycerin and NaPCA hydrate and draw oxygen into skin
– Alum Crystal firms and tightens skin for lift
– Zinc Sulfate is anti-inflammatory to reduce puffiness
– Monolaurin derived from coconut is antibacterial for a clear complexion

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Alum Crystal, Liquid Sea Kelp, Zinc Sulfate, Distilled Water, NaPCA, Eucalyptus, Monolaurin, Oil of Spearmint

Grapeseed oil and Organic Unrefined Shea Butter

Grapeseed Oil has a great amount of vitamin E, about twice as much as olive oil ( This means it provides antioxidants for your skin. An interesting study measured the ability of grapeseed oil to help oily skin.  It is high in linoleic acid, which has been thought to reduce clogged pores.

Shea Butter has such a large healing fraction. It contains high levels of unsaturated fat and natural antioxidants.  It is often used to remedy dry skin and to help protect the skin’s natural oils. It reduces Inflammation: clinical studies have found that due to its cinnamic acid and other natural properties, shea butter was anti-inflammatory.  It is widely known to help moisturise the skin and as a natural barrier against the elements. Shea butter is mainly used for its moisturising properties and has the lowest level of pore clogging so a great ingredient for the facial skin and acne reducing.


30 minute Natural Organic Mini Facial £40.00

(5 step mini facial)

60 minute Natural Organic Luxury Facial  £60.00

(7 step complete luxury facial)



Watch your skin improve, Hear the compliments, Experience a Transformation from within as this treatment works your whole system. Not just a Facial.  Purchase 5 treatments for £225.00 (delivered every 28 days – following the skin cycle).




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