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Welcome to Tamara’s 360 Wellbeing.

Our focus is OPTIMISING your health and wellbeing.

The revolutionary Therapy that uses the transformation of free energy in living systems is here.

What makes us different?

The use of PEMF Biofeedback Frequenciess.  Bioenergetic sub atomic treatments to Re-assess Re-juvenate and Re-imprint.the information that your body needs to return to optimal functioning of wellness.

I started my wellness journey in 2004, when I moved away from conventional medicine after 5 years of operations metal work and prescriptions.  This was triggered by a car accident in 1999.

My system was exhausted, I wish somebody had been able to offer to me Bioenergetics back then!

Do you want to feel some immediate results even after just 1 treatment?

Then Bioenergetics is for you.

Affordable Luxury and Supporting your system from inside to out, helping you to return to optimal functioning of health.

Re-Assess – Re-Juvenate – Re-Imprint… Energy for Life

Functional Health Testing and Treatment

(Assess your symptoms with a Bioenergetic Wellness Scan)               

(Blueprint your Health in 15 Seconds)

Rejuvenating and Anti-Ageing Facials 

(Relax – Rebalance – Rejuvenate)


Massage and Bodywork using PEMF

(Sub-Atomic Level Body Treatments)

Fitness & Wellbeing Workshops

Private – School – Colleges – Workplace – Clubs & Centres

Raise the awareness of personal Health and Wellbeing, through experiencing ground-breaking Bioenergetic Health Scans and Therapies, Fitness and Wellbeing Workshops, Live Demo’s and Q&A Presentations.

My intention is for you to leave feeling better than when you arrived.

Its not just about you feeling great, to relax rebalance and rejuvenate but to treat the whole system on a new sub atomic level, and give you tools to take away with you to implement into your Daily Life.

Life is about energy without energy there is no life!

Using only natural products and supplementation carefully selected that offer the highest quality and healing at cellular level.

Every second of every day can be your choicepoint.  Call Today and make a difference to your Health.


Information forms the basics of regulation for all forms of life…

Life is about Energy without Energy there is no Life.


Bioenergetics is a powerful method that helps to reduce Ill-ness and Increase Well-ness by clearing any blockages, restrictions or patterns held in the body’s system and correcting distorted information.

It helps to free the flow of life energy so we can feel more balanced, experience more pleasure, more love, more joy and live passionately with less fear.


“I had an amazing massage this evening with Tamara. It really helped after a very long and tiring week. She worked and kneaded my aching muscles with ease, skillful technique and confidence. She exudes expertise and I left feeling exactly as she wishes – far better than when I walked through the door. Her manner and temperament are wonderfully calming and comforting and her knowledge in her field of well-being is all encompassing. I highly recommend her treatments. An absolute gem!” Harriet – Sept 2017 


Contact me on (07739) 309422 

Based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire,

  • Certified NES Health Practitioner
  • ITEC Massage Therapist
  • Zumba Instructor and ZIN member
  • Zumbatomic Instructor
  • Qualified FutureFit Fitness Instructor
  • (Training) BA Hons. Nutrition
  • (Training) Certified Health and Well-being Coach
  • (Training) TRE – Trauma Release Exercise

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  • Fully qualified and insured by Ageas for public liability
  • Public and Product Liability up to £1,000,000


Please read my Customer Reviews for some of my happy clients who have experienced positive changes.

Instead of focusing on the ill-ness I focus on suggesting positive changes and elements that will help improve my clients well-ness.

Your Health, Your Choice, Your Life


Contact me on (07739) 309422


Get Well – Stay Well – Live Well

Energy for Life